Shri Giriraj Govardhan

Teerth on Shri Giriraj Govardhan

(This is a short description which has been translated from the Hindi version of the Holy Garg Samhita written by Shri Garg Muni)

Entire Giriraj Govardhan is the supreme of all teerth's. Vrindavan is sakshat Golok and Giriraj its crown.

This parvat is the protector of all gops, gopis, gaumata and is very dear to Bhagvan Shree Krishn.

That which became a 'chatr' for the Supreme Brahm; what could be a higher teerth; that parvat on which Bhagwan Shree Krishn always plays with His gwal's; the sacredness and grandeur of that place is impossible to be narrated by even the four faced Brahm.

There is the Mansi Ganga, Govind Kund, Chandra Sarovar, Radha Kund - Shyam Kund, Lalita Kund, Kusum Sarovar.

The shila where Shree Krishn's Mukut touched became engraved with the imprint;
there is the shila on which Shree Krishn has drawn some pictures, this sacred shila is called the
'chitra shila' which can yet be seen on the Giriraj.

When engrossed in play with His gwals, Krishn played music on a certain shila, this is called the
'Vadini shila' or 'Bajini shila'

The place where Shree Krishn did 'Kanduk krida' with His gwals is known as 'Kanduk Sshetra'. There is the 'Shukrpad' and 'Brahmpad' teerth here.

The place where Madhav stole the pagdi (turbans) of the gops is known as 'Aushneesh'.

The place where Madhav along with His friends ate yoghurt from cups made from the kadamb and palash leaves is called 'Droan'.

Where Madhav played 'luka-chupi' with the gwals is called 'Laukik'.

Kadamb Khand is the place where Shree Krishn is always engrossed in His leelas.

The sacred place on the Govardhan where Shree Radha did Her shringar before the raas leela is called the 'Shringar Mandal'.

The Form that Shree Krishn took when He lifted the Govardhan parvat, that Form is vidhman
(present) at Shringar Mandal.

Shringar Mandal is the sthal where Shree Radha did Her shringar during the Raas leela on the Giriraj.

“When 4800 years of Kaliyug pass by, from the centre of the Shringar Mandal Kshetra Giriraj cave, visible to all onlookers; Shree Hari Himself will Appear in His Form. This sacred powerful Form will be known as ShreeNathji”.

ShreeNathji is forever playing His leela on the Govardhan parvat. In Kaliyug whoever gets darshan will be purified.

There are the footprints of the Airavat elephant and the Surbhi cow.

Mahatma Shree Krishn's hand and foot print are to be found here. All teerths, mandirs, kunds on the

Giriraj are adbhut, amazing and sacred.

Different teerths on Shri Govardhan as it's various body parts

Though all the limbs of Govardhan parvat are as important and sacred; Naradji says he will describe some which are considered to be the main in bhao and splendour.

Below the Shringar mandal is Shri Govardhan's mouth, where Bhagwan KrishnChandr celebrated the Annakut utsav with the Vrajwasis.

Mansi Ganga is the two eyes of Govardhan Giriraj.

Chandra Sarovar it's nose, Govind Kund it's lips, Shri Kund it's chin.

Radha Kund is the tongue, Lalita Sarovar the cheeks, Gopal Kund is the ears.

Kusum Sarovar the inner ear.

The shila with the mukut imprint is Giriraj's forehead.

The Chitra Shila is the head Vadini Shila is the throat Kanduk teerth is the two sides.

Ushneesh teerth is in the waist.
Dron tirth is in the back.
Laukik tirth is in the stomach.
Kadamb Khand is in the heart area.

Shringar Mandal tirth is the jeevatma-soul-life. Shringar Mandal is the sthal where Shree Radha did Her shringar during the Raas leela on the Giriraj.

Shree KrishnChander's Charan print is Mahatma Govardhan's heart, the Hand print is intelligence.

The Airavat foot prints are the feet.
Surbhi cow's Charan print are Mahatma Govardhan's wings.
In the Pucch Kund is the bhao of it's tail
Vats Kund is the strength, Rudr Kund is the anger, Indr Sarovar is desire.
Kuber tirth is the Udhyog sthal-work place.
Brahm tirth is joy or cheerfulness.
In the Yam tirth is said to be Shri Govardhan's ego.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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