ShreeNathji – Shree GovardhanNathji

Mukharvind of ShreeNathji at Jatipura, Shri Govardhan

Shreeji lives in Vraj at Mathura on Giriraj Govardhan. There is His Mukharvind mandir at the base of the Giriraj, the place of His Pragatya.

This Govardhan Shila is also known as the Shringar Sthali – The Mukharvind of Giriraj Govardhan; according to the Vallabh Sampraday. Annakut Pujan is held here every year. Hundreds of bhakts visit daily and worship with milk and flowers etc. Many begin their parikrama of Giriraj Govardhan from this point.

This Sthal is very very Alive with the Divine vibrations and energy.

Shreeji does Shayan here for six months every year. (Vasant Panchmi to Dassehra).

After the Sandhya Aarti at His Nathdwara Mandir, He comes at the Mukharvind Mandir on Shri Govardhan to give Shayan Darshans. During this period, His Presence is very Live and can be felt by the receptive bhakts; so once the Shringar is complete no photography is allowed. Before this photographs can be taken.

The Mukharvind of Shreeji is decorated and worshipped every evening. It is believed to be Alive with His presence.

Again it is the bhao that matters, or else for most it would be just a piece of stone from the mountain.

Otherwise also, Shreeji loves His original Home, His sthan of Appearance; so in all possibility He must be spending a lot of His free time here at Vraj, which He loves and misses very much.

Besides the Mukharvind is Shri Gusainji's tulsi kiyara. Shri Gusainji along with Shri Govindswami had entered nitya lila; this is made in his memory.

A little ahead is the Dandvati Shila. It is believed to have been six feet tall when ShreeNathji came to Mewar. Due to the shraap given by Pulastya muni to Giriraj Govardhan it reduces in size each day.

This Dandvati shila is already in the earth and so the land around it has to be dug so that the darshans are visible.

There is also Mahaprabhuji's tulsi kiyara here. It represents the bhavatmak entrance to his nikunj. Opposite the Dandvat shila was the mandir of Shree Mathureshji which was known as Girdhar Niwas. Shri Mathureshji is now in Kota. There is the baithakji of Shri Gusainji here, as whenever he came for Sewa, he also did Bhagvad parayan here.

Near Shri Gusainji's baithakji is the baithakji of Shri Girdhariji, where he did Bhagvad Parayan. ShreeNathji had ordered him to make the seven swarup of his brothers and make them all sit togather for the katha.

There is a big door in front of the Dandvati shila. Near this is Gokulnathji's mandir. Every year when he came for the pujan at Shri Govardhan from Gokul, he lived here.

Shree Madan Mohanji's mandir is on the back side of Shri Mahaprabhuji's baithak. Nearby is GovardhanNathji's and Shree Chandramaji's mandir also.

ShreeNathji's original mandir is situated on top of Giriraj Govardhan. This was originally built by the great bhakt Puranmall whom Shreeji had personally given a hukum to construct His mandir. To the north of His temple lies a pile of stone which marks His Pragatya Sthal on the Giriraj Govardhan.

On the other side of the Mukharvind mandir, is Saddu Pande’s house. Shreeji would come down from this side to play with Naro as well as the other Vrajvasi.

Shree Krishn is the only Incarnation who promised mankind of Appearing on earth as and when required. Shree Radha then also promised that whenever Shree Krishn Appeared on earth in whatever Form; as required by the circumstances, She will always accompany Him.

ShreeNathji, as He is worshipped has all the Forms within Him. After Shree RadhaKrishn physical Forms left the earth, a lot of changes came in; but the sacred bhumi Vraj Mandal was relocated and established by later saints who have been considered as messengers of the original form. They came back to start the Divine play again, and establish the continuation of what Shree RadhaKrishn had started earlier.

The particular points and leela sthalis were identified by these divine souls; when in total samadhi states and as they entered this divine realm of the leelas. The total bhumi of Vraj is alive with the leelas of Shree RadhaKrishn and the Gopis on the divine love level; which are believed to be yet going on in the divine vibrational levels.

One of the most important was the Govardhan leela. This is the sacred point from where ShreeNathji appeared from and hence is considered to be the most recent Alive Form of Shree Krishn. As we all are aware of, the totality of Shree Krishn’s soul was complete only with ShreeRadha. Shree Krishn came in the outer physical form as Radha and Shyam.

This totality later came in the form of ShreeNathji. The total merging of these two souls are to be found within ShreeNathji. That is the reason today; He is considered the most powerful and Alive Form of God, Shree Krishn on this earth. ShreeRadha and ShreeKrishn are totally present within this Deity. A devotee desirous of closeness with Shree RadhaKrishn can do sewa for Shreeji and get faster results.

Parikrama of Girirajji

Shree Krishn Chander (as mentioned in the Garg Samhita), also did this parikrama.

Shri Vallabhacharya, Shri Gusainji have also done the parikrama.

Bhakts do this parikrama in different ways: Walking on foot; Walking with a pitcher of milk, with the milk flowing very slowly through the vessel;

Dandwat parikrama is the most tough, where the bhakts do a complete dandwat all through the parikrama. This is difficult as it may take nearly 10 – 15 days for completing.

The parikrama begins after a dandvat to Girirajji and Mahaprabhuji. Many bhakts like doing this parikrama bare foot.

The parikrama maarg is also divided in three different ways.

There is the Panch kos (15 kms), this route goes from Govardhan village to Anyor village and skips

Radha Kund in the parikrama.

Saat kos (21 kms), this begins from the Mukharvind at Jatipura goes to Govardhan village-Mansi Ganga-Udhav Kund-Radha Kund-Anyor village-Govind Kund-Puchri village-Surbhi Kund completing at the Mukharvind.

Nau kos (27 kms) parikrama. In the nau kos parikrama Chandra Sarovar is added after crossing

Govardhan village. This parikrama begins from near Mansi Ganga which is on the waist of Shri Govardhan.

Author : Abha Shahra Shyama

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